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Your partner in US law:

Tailor-made legal solutions for European companies in the USA

Our Services

Intellectual Property


We advise on the validity and enforceability of patents as well as on licensing agreements. We conduct IP due diligence audits.

Representation before the US authorities

We focus on subsequent applications for industrial property rights in the USA that were originally prepared for filing with a European office. Depending on the applicants' needs, we work directly with the applicants or with the applicants' European law firm.

SME consulting


Delegations and Chambers of Commerce of European countries are often the first point of contact for medium-sized companies regarding the US market. We provide support with specific legal questions. As part of our one-stop-shop service, we are available to medium-sized companies as a contact for all questions relating to US business law.



Technische Schwerpunkt

High Tech

We are one of the few law firms with technical expertise in the semiconductor sector as well as in the future technologies of quantum computing and artificial intelligence. In addition to patent prosecution, we have already supported several investors investing in these areas with IP due diligence audits.

Mechanics and electrical engineering

In addition to the high tech sector, we are also active in traditional mechanical engineering as well as in electrical and information technology. Our lawyers not only have theoretical experience, but also worked in research and development prior to their legal training.

Optics and medical technology

For years, we have been supporting Europe's most innovative companies and research institutions in obtaining and enforcing intellectual property rights, preparing IP reports and conducting IP due diligence audits for company acquisitions in the optics and medical technology sectors.

What do we stand for?


For us, quality means offering our clients legal advice at the highest level. This requires a solid foundation of expertise and experience and also requires a high level of commitment on a daily basis. Skills that we can and want to offer our clients.


"Customer First" is our business philosophy. Client needs and their satisfaction are our top priority. We work hard every day to align all our decisions, activities and processes to create the best possible value and benefit for our clients.


Transparency creates trust. Transparency is an essential part of our sustainable and responsible management of the law firm. We therefore communicate honestly and clearly what services we can offer you, to what extent and under what conditions.


Our Team


We are engineers and attorneys: Our German-speaking patent attorneys and lawyers have a technical background in addition to their legal training. We understand your product. This helps us not only to provide you with abstract legal information, but also to support you with practical solutions in the USA for what really matters: your business.


Raphael Tautz, Ph.D.


Patent Attorney (Germany)

European Patent Attorney

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Physics


Georg Hasselmann,Ph.D.  J.D.

US Patent Attorney

US Trademark Attorney

Attorney-at-Law (D.C., VA)

Juris Doctor

Ph.D. Chemistry


Matthias Schuhmacher, LLM


Attorney-at-Law (D.C.)

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

M.Sc. Medical Technologies


Michael McCandlish, J.D.
Of Counsel

​US Patent Attorney

US Trademark Attorney

Attorney-at-Law (MI)

Juris Doctor

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Support Staff

Not only our attorneys are trained in the German, European and US legal systems, but so is our support staff. This means we can guarantee efficient and smooth file management for international cases.

0047 Stieglerfotografie.jpg

Christina Merz

Office Manager

Patent Paralegal (GER,USA)


Selma Tabakovic

Patent Paralegal (GER)

Paralegal (GER)

0109 Stieglerfotografie.jpg

Rebecca Körfer

Patent Paralegal (GER, USA)


Prof. Dr. Dana Medina

Scientific Advisor

Ph.D. Chemistry (Bar-Ilan University)

M.Sc. Chemistry (Bar-Ilan University)


Contact: Tautz & Schuhmacher

Washington D.C. Office

The firm's US lawyers serve our clients from Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States of America. Here we are not only close to the relevant courts and authorities, but also have our finger on the pulse of political affairs.

Postal address:

1050 30th St NW
Washington, DC 20007
United States of America

Visitor address:

1052 - 1054 Potomac Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
United States of America

T:    +1 202 618 9408

F:    +1 202 618 9939



We recommend using PGP or S/MIME encrypted emails for electronic communication.

Please contact us to set up encrypted communication.

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